Maintenance & Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and proactive management of your Allentown organization’s entire IT infrastructure to guarantee network security

Off-the-shelf antivirus programs amount to little more than a locked door in the face of experienced criminals. Mid-Atlantic’s Managed Cybersecurity gives you a suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and constant overwatch of all your systems. Our security professionals will implement multiple layers of defenses and monitor your workstations, servers, and databases 24/7/365 to protect you from existing and emergent cyberattacks. Instead of a simple door latch, you’ll have sophisticated countermeasures covering all the entrances and a team of security experts on watch at all times.

The many benefits of GuardianOne Monitoring include:

Protection from Cyberattacks

You get piece of mind knowing your systems are kept safe, updated, and maintained by professionals without you having to lift a finger

Foolproof Contingencies

We’ll implement and manage off-site, cloud-powered data backups to minimize or negate the damage caused by a data breach

Continuous Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of your IT networks to detect and prevent intrusion attempts and other online attacks

Cost-Effective Pricing

Flat-rate, predictable pricing for a more stable IT budget


$ 30 Base Price
$ 15 Each Workstation or Client
  • Workstations, Tablets, Phones, etc.
  • Updates, Antivirus, Email Filtering, Data Backups
$ 60 Each Server or Network
  • Servers, Network, Video, etc.
$ 0.59 Each Gigabyte of Storage
  • Data Backup, Secure Storage

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